Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Zbrush Attempt! LEAFS! SO MANY LEAFS!!

For my last project in my last computer animation class eeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeer, we were allowed to do anything we wanted. After changing my idea three times I went with trying to recreate a 2D character into a 3D model. Betsy Bauer is a very close friend from Ringling and I've always admired her character design skills and her Tree Lady was one of my favorites that always stuck in my head. Instead of making her in Maya, I thought I would give Zbrush a try. Zbrush is a monster of a program that I have to figure out on my own but hey, with today's internet, 3D forums, other art peers and friends, and lots and loooots of tutorials, you could learn any program.

Zbrush just bugs me cause the stupid move hot keys are different than Maya's. After pushing the same three buttons for 5 years, it's hard for my brain to reteach itself to put the OTHER three buttons when I'm in a different program. This was my first time in Zbrush (duh) and I feel like my girl came out too smooth. She's missing the angles and "feel' of the bark skin of Betsy's. Oh well. With practice comes perfection! Til next time!

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